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The Team

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Angela Perkins


Jessica Scruggs


As a motivator I am the one who will go the extra mile to make sure you are comfortable, you got your water and most of all you stay moving!! Always remember you’re stronger today because you didn’t give up yesterday!! No journey is perfect but with street fusion 2 we’re going to WERK until our journey becomes contagious for others to want to join! Welcome everyone and I look forward to putting in this werk with you, you, you and you! Love ~Jess

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Monica Bates


As a motivator my goal is to support, uplift, and encourage every person that enters the class. My focus is on providing alternative movements to those who are unable to participate and some of the high impact motions. Meeting each person where they are in their health Journey and helping them challenge themselves to push a little harder each day is my mission. Reassuring them that they are LETS GO TO WORK!

Shelah' Stevenson


As a motivator I am the CRUNKIEST, LOUDEST, BUBBLIEST, motivator!!!! I look forward to coming to each session cause I know It’s  gonna be LIT LIT with me and my team!!!  I try to come expecting the BEST cause I believe in what you put out you shall receive! Come on let’s put in this WERK and know that the team and I are here to help in anyway possible!

~Shelah'/ LayLay!

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Cassie Gunner


My goal as a motivator is to bring a smiling face to class each and every time I walk in the door. I want you to feel comfortable and confident wherever you are in your fitness journey, and feel certain that our team will meet you where you are and support you along the way! I want everyone to feel ignited in their passions and goals and always see the potential in themselves and know that everything is achievable with a positive mindset! The vibe here is fun and infectious and we can’t wait to see you! Let’s get it!
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