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Arnetta Peak Johnson

This weeks “Goal Digger” is Arnetta Johnson, she is so excited to be apart of Street Fusion 2! Arnetta says she comes to class because she wants to be healthier and stay off of her blood pressure medication!!! She has had 2 knee replacements!! Arnetta’s current weight loss goal is to get under 200 lbs!!! She is so close to reaching her goal, and she comes to class with amazing energy and is ready to WERK every time she steps in the studio!!! Let’s give a big STREET FUSION 2 “Lets Go 2 Werk” round of applause to Arnetta!!!!!! (February 25th - March 3rd)

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Cassie Tatum-Thrower

This weeks "Goal Digger" is Cassie Tatum-Thrower

Cass was diagnosed with MS, and every since her diagnosis she has been determined to focus on her health. When we asked Cass her “WHY”? It was simply…. I WANT TO LIVE!!!!!!! Let’s give a big “Let’s go 2 WERK” to Cass!!! We are all here with you girl!!!!! (March 4th - March 10th)

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Jaij Robinson

This weeks Street Fusion “Goal Digger” is Jaij Robinson!!!!! A couple years ago Jaij had gotten to a point where her weight was causing her lots of health issues and she decided to have the sleeve surgery, from that she loss an AMAZING 125lbs and has maintained keeping off 100 of it.. But now Jaij has even BIGGER goals she wants to get in ONEDERLAND!!!!! She wants to LIVE a healthier more active lifestyle!! So you know what we say Jaij “Let’s Go 2 Werk”!!!!! We are here to support you 100%!!! (March 11th - March 17th)
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This week’s “Goal Digger” spotlight is shining on these 3 beautiful ladies!!!! We are so blessed to have 3 generations in our class!!!! Yep you heard us right, 3 GENERATIONS!!!

So let’s Start with Momma, Ms. Deborah Purter (far right), comes to class faithfully with her daughter and granddaughter, Ms. Deborah said that she is was diagnosed with diabetes and was told she would have to either Lose the weight or take meds the rest of her life…. Welp she has chosen to put her health first and lose the weight!!!! Ms. Deborah let us know that since starting the class she has loss 5 lbs!!!! She says that just being there with her daughter and granddaughter motivates her to keep going!! 

Next we have daughter, Kamila Harris (center), who says she enjoys the class and her why is that she wants to get back to her healthy athletic weight and build as well as get back to “ONEDERLAND” and stay healthy!!!! 

And lastly we have granddaughter, Jameisha Harris (far left), who simply says she wants to stay active! Jameisha comes to class and puts that WERK in every time! She is a joy to watch, we can definitely see her leading the class in a few steps soon!!!

We are so proud of you ladies and thank you for letting us be apart of your journey!! (March 18th - March 24th)


3 Generations

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Shelah' Stevenson

This weeks Gold Digger is Shelah' Stevenson. Here's her story:

Mentally I wasn’t okay, I may laugh and smile but mentally I was torn!!! I’ve suffered from depression and mental abuse for so long that I didn’t think I could get my happy back, I didn’t think I could get my confidence back, I didn’t think I could love me!! But all of that changed when I became apart of this amazing group of ladies!!! Street fusion is my outlet!! I’m able to dance, laugh, and let loose without the judgment of the world!! I never thought I could form a sisterhood as strong as we have here!! Mentally I’m OKAY NOW!! And that in itself is MY WHY. (March 25th - March 31st)


Brooke Willis

Its “Goal Digger” spotlight time!!!!!! This weeks spotlight is Brooke Willis!!!! Brook comes into class with so much energy and such a beautiful spirit… When we asked Brooke her “why?” this is what she said…..

“I come to the Steet Fusion II classes because it is my “ME” time. It is a time i get away from being mommy, the time I can actually enjoy the time with other women, motivators, and have a good time! Not only that, I’ve been so caught up in “mommy mode” I forget to treat myself and to love ME! Street Fusion II is teaching me to love myself and be confident in me. It’s okay to sometimes be selfish when it comes to self love and care! Thank you Street Fusion II ”

Let’s give a huge “Let’s Go 2 Werk” to Brooke!! We are here to support and encourage you every step of the way, and you are an AMAZING mommy!!! 

P.S. She chose her own pic (April 10th - April 16th)

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Carolyn Ayers

It’s time for our “GOAL DIGGER” Spotlight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today we are spotlighting Mrs Carolyn Ayers, she is such a joy to have in class, she ALWAYS gives it all she got and when we asked her, he “why” this is what she had to say:

First I want to say, I absolutely love THIS class. Angie and her team of motivators are amazing, along with a room full of fantastic women. My ‘WHY’ —- I’m believing God for a long, strong life so I need to be HEALTHY to achieve that!!!! This class is definitely going to help me reach that goal. My desire is to loose a total of 25lbs this year. I would love to loose 3lbs a month by eating healthier, eating less, juicing more and not eating late in the evening.
Thank you Angie, Street Fusion II Motivators and the whole class for creating a place and an atmosphere of challenge, encouragement and motivation! Peace to you all!!!

Let’s give Mrs. Carolyn a huge “Let’s Go 2 Werk”!!!! We love you and you are definitely going to reach your goal!!!! (April 17th - April 23rd)



Sheree Head

Time for a “Goal Digger” SPOTLIGHT!!!!!!! Y’all know we love our people!! This is Sheree Head, she is always ready when she walks thru the door to give it all she’s got and when we asked her “why?” this is what she had to say:

“The scripture says, Beloved, I wish above all things that though prosper and be in good health, even as thy soul prospers. I have watched God fulfill this scripture in my life this year and I believe Steet Fusion was heaven sent to help me be in good health! I am so thankful for Angie and the motivators that keep us going on this good health journey!!! We Go to Work!!!”

Let’s give a huge “Let’s go 2 WERK” to Sheree!!! (April 24th - April 30th)

Goal Diggers

Goal diggers will be updated every week. Be on the lookout, the next one may be you!

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