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It's not just a dance class, it's a lifestyle. Street Fusion 2 is about changing lives one dance move at a time. 

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Street Fusion is a high energy, high and low impact DANCE fitness class. This class will have you moving your body to great music, while sweating and burning major calories. Our goal is to keep you motivated while allowing each individual to express themselves.


Not really a coordinated dancer? Don't worry. Each class has what we call "motivators" who help you as we go along with structured routines taught by our amazing instructor, Angela Perkins. Street Fusion 2 is the epitome of the word uplift. We seek to encourage, reassure, and push you to meet your goal. Street Fusion 2 desires to take you on a journey and catapult you into a healthier phase of your life.

Street Fusion 2 is currently located in Decatur, AL. This business is on the rise and as we continue to climb the ladder of fitness, we are looking forward to changing lives one session at a time. 


As we continue to develop as a pillar in the community, we are proud to say that the amount of love we continue to see is growing daily. We say thank you, and as always, let's go to werk.

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Dance Fitness.

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